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Sellersburg Library
Indiana Room


Sellersburg and Speed History 3-ring Binders


The Twenties Speed Area


Sellersburg Historical Scrapbook 1 & 2


Sellersburg Photos


The Good Old Days - Sellersburg (3 binders)


Sellersburg 1940s & 1950s


Sellersburg 1960s & 1970s


Sellersburg Historical Tour 2007


Sellersburg Businesses


Sellersburg Town Board Plus Town Issues 90s


Sellersburg Fire Department


Kaleido Scope Anything in Constant Change 1998


Sellersburg Elementary School Principals


A History of Silver Creek High School Boys Basketball


A History of Silver Creek High School Girls Basketball


Sellersburg Celebrates 1990-2008 (14 binders)


Louisville Cement Company Thirty Year Banquet 1950-1961 (8 binders)


Highlights of Charles Ridenour's Speed and Cement Industry History


Cementing the Past


Louisville Cement Company


Louisville Cement Company Pictures Employees


Louisville Cement Company Area Pictures

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