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Jesse G. Dorsey Collection of WWII Correspondence
Public Comments

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Name: Ronald Walker
Las Vegas, NV
Comments: Memories! Not just memories, but the letters give a good understanding of what these men and women felt about the war. First hand information--not form somebody else! A wealth of information. Just wish I had time to sit and read all the information. (By the way, I am old enough to remember most of the writers)

Name: Karen Craig Donahoe
Tampa, Florida
Comments: What a treasure !!!!! What a wonderful wonderful man. I have such special memories of the community house and Mr. Dorsey keeping all of us kids in line. He was so beloved and respected. When I discovered the letters at the library and held the letters that my dad wrote to Mr. Dorsey in my hands, it was an emotional experience. How wonderful it is that Mr. Dorsey insisted that the letters be kept in Sellersburg instead of the Indiana Museum....but then again, that's the kind of person he was. The library has done an excellent job and these letters are priceless. Thank you !!!!

Name: larry thomas
fort myers beach, florida
Comments: good morning.....i was an employee of louisville cement between the years of 1962-1968 in the plant at speed...i was peronnel director at the time. are there any pictures available on this website of those years..particularly willingham, bill leek, gene hailstone, hal stouffer were among the group. if you can respond to this query i would be most grateful. larry l. thomas
Library Response: We do not have any photographs online. There are photos in the collection of items we have. From what I have looked at, these photos are not labeled so there is no way of telling you if the photo you are looking for is here.

Name: Ron Walker
Las Vegas, NV
Comments: Don't ever let these letters disappear from the Internet! I hope they are under lock and key at the library. I suppose they mean more to me than to most because I remember most of the writers--and especially Mr. Dorsey.

Name: Bonnie Reynolds
Charlestown, Indiana
July 24
Comments: This is a very impressive collection and the display is attractive and easy to use. Congratulations!


Jesse G. Dorsey Collection of World War II Correspondence

To see the entire digitized collection go to
Indiana Memory.

Public Comments on the Jesse Dorsey Collection

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There are many other items that are part of Jesse Dorsey's files pertaining to the Louisville Cement Company and the surrounding community of Speed.

This is a listing of items available for viewing at the Sellersburg Library.

Speed History Files
WWII letter writers
Korean War letter writers
Speedometer (most issues)
3-ring Binders: Louisville Cement Company Thirty Year Banquet 1950-1961 (8 binders); Highlights of Charles Ridenour's Speed and Cement Industry History; Cementing the Past; Louisville Cement Company; Louisville Cement Company Pictures Employees; Louisville Cement Company Area Pictures

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